Education & Training

Transform the way universities hosting remote and on-site learning with our Metaverse Learning Environment solution

Shape the Way We Educate

Education organizations today face common challenges of the pressure of enrollment when more and more universities and colleges open each year. The necessity of expanding their education service to wider audiences as well as environment and tools for students to sharpen their skills in order to prepare before joining the global workforce.


Enable More Education Oppotunities

NamiQ understands each specific business need and technological application. Blending advanced technologies, and industry insights, we offer ready-made as well as tailored solutions to help you expand your education business to more audiences, opening new opportunities for students to learn from anywhere effectively while helping on-site learning reach a new level of effectiveness and outstanding quality.

What We Do

Based on deep understanding and insight in education industry. We built ready-made software solution to help universities, institutes solve their challenges of distance learning service, as well as help students to boost their learning quality thanks for the power of Metaverse.

With 20 years experience working in IT industry, we provide consultancy service education organizations to  apply ERP process, restructure their data organization, collaboration workflow with industry best practices to maximized their effectives.

With strong expertized engineering capabilities, we help universities, institutes to design, develop customized software solution that tailored to their need and realize their vision of digital transformation.

We do several speeches and workshops new technologies each year to community and social annually. Also joined host technical contests to build skill of students in top universities of Vietnam .


Our Solution Offering​

Discover ready-made and customizable packages for education to boost your organization effectiveness to next level with our Metaverse technology


Gain competitiveness in the market by onboarding your 3D campus to the Metaverse. A shared virtual space for doing introduction, branding, and marketing activities that impress future students​


Immersive learning space for remote learning. Boost remote learning to new level: in-deep personal collaboration, high engagement of learner and significant reduce cost.​


Providing learners a new way for practicing presentation skill, public speaking skill, English communication with our AI-powered simulated environment to reach global workforce requirements.​


Virtual space for learners to connect, socialize and build an online community that has a deep relation with your organizations, while continuing to enhance language skills in the same time.​​

Let’s start your journey to become the next innovator in education!